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NewsLine Interface

NewsLine Setup

NewsLine Setup is the central tool for administration of news agency parameters, categorization trays and categories, as well as managing usernames and passwords

NewsLine Filer

The NewsLine Filer module provides unattended, round the clock reception of Arabic and English news.

NewsLine Navigator

NewsLine Navigator is fully bilingual and can be operated using English or Arabic menus and user prompts. The functionality of both modes is identical otherwise. NewsLine Navigator provides all the functionality for news retrieval and management. The main Navigator window is divided into the following areas (top to bottom):

  • Menubar
  • Toolbar
  • Hot Story Alert
  • News Source Heading
  • News Story Headline List
  • Story Text
  • Shortcut Tabs

The NewsLine Navigator toolbar provides quick access to the following options (left to right):

  • Print
  • Search
  • Copy to Windows Clipboard
  • Select News by Agency
  • Select News by Tray
  • Select News by Category
  • Select News from Backup
  • View Search Results
  • Copy to NewsLine Navigator Clipboard
  • (Status of NewsLine Navigator Clipboard, double-click to view contents)
  • Expand News Story Headline List to full window
  • Split View of News Story Headline List and Story Text (as shown above)
  • Expand Story Text to full window - Select News by Date
  • View next days News - View previous days News

NewsLine Navigator Search

NewsLine Navigator provides comprehensive search options. The user can select any news agency, tray or category to be searched in any combination. Complex keyword criteria can be specified as well as the date range to be searched. Keywords can be a mixture of English and Arabic words or phrases. Multiple sets of search parameters may be stored and recalled at any time.

NewsLine Interface
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